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​Lucy Ladybug, The Ladybug’s Lament

Lucy Ladybug does not want to be short and round. She wants to have a waist like a wasp. She meets other insects who give her wacky dietary advice which she tries, with unhappy results. In the end, she learns that by eating aphids, her favorite healthy food, the garden thrives and she is beloved by all for simply being who she is. She also learns that she is beautiful in her own special way.

Bug People Productions Audio Books

All our books also have audio versions. Lucy Ladybug, The Ladybug's Lament is  now available on Audible with music by Rafael Silva.

Coming Soon!

Gandy Green, Big and Mean
(Part one) 

Gandy Green is a little grasshopper who has never left his backyard garden and thinks he is the world’s biggest bug. Gandy is a bully to all the smaller bugs. As the story progresses, we meet and learn about beetles, ladybugs, snails, roly-poly bugs and ants. In the end, Gandy is punished by being kept inside so he will not torment the other bugs. The Bug People rejoice!


Gandy Green, Big and Mean
(Part two)

Gandy’s confinement does not last long. Soon he is at it again, but he gets the scare of his life a by an enormous praying mantis. Sophia, the nature Deva, comes to the rescue. Nature Deva’s are like fairies without wings who protect the garden and it’s creatures. They are invisible to most humans. Sophia allows him to see that he is part of something much larger than himself, the planet earth. Gandy learns that if you hurt others, you are really just hurting yourself. In the end, Gandy makes friends with all the other bugs.



Leonardo, Monsieur Es Car Go
Es is a dyslexic snail who thinks he’s dumb because he’s slow. He can’t tell his left from his right, but eventually he learns how to read. With help from Sophia, the nature Deva, an art book, and Betsy Bee, he learns how to paint using snail slime, bee’s wax and red clay dirt. After a while he gets so good that the other bugs give him the nickname Leonardo, after a human artist, thought to be one of the greatest geniuses of all time.

The Revolt of the Bee People
The bee people have taken up residence in a hollow tree in the back yard garden where all these stories take place. Johnny, the little boy who lives in the house in the garden gets stung. Johnny’s dad wants to exterminate the bees, and in desperation, the bee’s decide to fight back. Again, Deva Sophia, comes to the rescue. The human people and bee people learn how to live together.


Bridgette Butterfly – The Transformation

Bridgette Butterfly – The TransformationBridgette is a Monarch and the bug world’s most legendary beauty, with more followers and fans than any other butterfly. She tells the story of her transformation from a lonely and bewildered little caterpillar on the only milkweed plant in a scary and dangerous vacant lot to the esteemed celebrity she is today. As a caterpillar, she encounters, centipedes, worms, Lucy Ladybug, and the ant people as she tries to figure out who and what she truly is.

Bridgette Butterfly - The Journey

Bridgette begins to sense the shallowness of a life lived for fame and physical beauty. Believing that she is admired by everyone, she flies to close to Laurence the lounging lizard, who bites of a bit of her wing. Deva Sophia, comes to the rescue, along with Monsieur Es Car Go. Together, they repair her wing with a bit of a spider’s web, and Es, paints it to (almost) perfectly match her natural colors. She learns that true beauty comes from within. Finally, Bridgette meets other

Monarch butterflies and prepares for her journey to Mexico to fulfill her life’s mission.

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